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About Rocky Mountain Punk

   I started crafting when I was very young.  I remember growing up in the mountains and collecting pine cones, random sticks and rocks to make holiday wreaths, earrings or whatever I thought I could make. Always trying to make something that was unique and different. 

  The earrings and body jewelry are a huge focus for me, I work as a body piercing artist by trade. And there are so many options for jewelry, but not enough of them combine cool styles, quality material and affordable prices. So I figured, I would! Everything I make is something I would love to wear myself. All jewelry is hand strung and all new and quality metals (surgical steel, titanium, sterling silver, copper etc.)

   Recently my husband has joined on as the other half of the team. Coming together to create some of the most unique and interesting pieces of art for your home or to wear. 

   Living in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine, Colorado, we are inspired on a daily basis. We are a hard working, happy couple and have been together for over two decades. Our favorite thing to make is the Nature & Bone Art. Using found objects, up-cycled pieces and brand new parts to create some of the most unique and fun home decor. All bones, fur, insects, bugs, antlers etc. are all ethically sourced.   
   My husband has been hard at work lately, and he has crafted some of the most beautiful industrial/steampunk style home accessories. If you like coffee, you will love his creations! 

    But we rely on all of you for the best possible advertising, word of  mouth. So please, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Share our page and tell your friends!